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Enlarge the difference

Having something different to say makes communication compelling. It’s what gives a brand a personality. Creating fascinating personalities is what excites us. And it’s what allows your brand make real connections. A strong personality attracts fans. Perhaps a few opponents too. But the opponents rally the real fans, making them even more supportive. At IJsbreker we like to work with people who want to make a difference. Over the years IJsbreker has proved to be a creative and productive partner for international as well as local brands. Of course, we are always eager to meet new people. If you’ve something to say, let’s talk.

It only works when it all fits together

At IJsbreker, we firmly believe in strength that's based on a tag-team approach, and concentration on common interests. The time that we could invest taking part in ad industry competitions is quality time we can't use to run projects for clients. We prefer to invest our time and effort developing opportunities to achieve a long-term association that has an icebreaking impact on the market.