Alsemberglaan 77, 3060 Bertem - bruno@fenomeno.be -

Bruno Keustermans is a director, cinematographer and video producer.

The hat I wear depends on the needs of the production and the client.
Every production is different, so my work is always tailor-made.

Over Fenomeno

I’ve always had a great passion for photography and at the university I developed a big admiration for the masters of cinema, Chaplin and Scorsese in particular. While kicking off my professional career in the sports marketing business, I began to create my own videos as well. Until the point where I decided to make the switch and focus on film only.

In order to stay flexible, I collaborate closely with a small/medium size crew of dedicated professionals. My mission is to build a passionate team around any project, no matter the scale or budget.

Now I combine the best of different worlds: capturing beautiful moments with passionate people for appealing brands.