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We showcase your strengths, your vision and, above all, what you do best. At exactly the right moment. We raise your profile and make you top-of-mind. Among journalists but also your (potential) clients and business partners. We also give you a clear voice within the social debate. The net result? Increased credibility among your target audience and a reputation robust as never before.

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Our methods? We tackle it like journalists.

This means three things: first, we examine your organisation and the corresponding stories with a journalist’s approach. Then, we pinpoint your company’s ‘DNA’ and seek out news. That news is then combined with your expertise and presented to the right target audience. Managing your communication? We’ll keep a steady hand on the tiller, every step of the way.

We link your story to current affairs and social topics.

This is a proactive process; we offer your newsworthy story to the media at exactly the right moment but may also hook up with current topics or the news of the day. We’ve coined a term for it: ‘newsjacking’. In other words, we become the eyes and ears of your organisation. And ensure that you become central to the debate in your sector.