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BATMAN is a young, ambitious content management company in Leuven. Looking for superpowers for your website? Need support to launch a new online store? BATMAN is a safe pair of hands. Our people guarantee discretion, precision and flexibility. And they have the superpowers to take your online projects to the next level.


BATMAN works LIGHTNING-FAST. We provide hands-on services: you can always count on speedy, specialist support. Even when an urgent response is needed.

BATMAN is VISIONARY. All our people are forward-looking and they constantly hone their expertise and learn new skills. Our latest learnings? Usability, conversion optimization, responsive web and UX design…

BATMAN pushes BOUNDARIES. We have extensive experience in international retail and an excellent command of Dutch, French and English.

BATMAN is a SUPERTEAM. If one of the BATMAN people is unavailable due to illness, a colleague will take over. Seamless, efficient.